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The Muse's Tune

January 2007
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blackcatjinx [userpic]

This week's song is up at the blog.
The posted version is by the original artist, Sabny Denny, but it's been covered by others such as Nina Simone, Eva Cassidy and 10,000 Maniacs to name a few. You may have heard it in another version, and if you'd like to discuss, feel free!

Other comments, questions and technical issues? Reply to this thread.

Current Music: Sandy Denny - Who Knows Where the Time Goes?
Emily [userpic]

Fandom: CSI:NY
Title: Saying Goodbye
Author: iluvroadrunner6
Rating: FRT
Characters: Don Flack/Eva Patterson (OC), Danny Messer, Chelsea Carlson (OC)
100_situations Prompt: 040. Argue
fic_variations Prompt: New (#2)
calliopeweekly Prompt: "Run" - Snow Patrol
Content Warning: N/A
Summary: No one likes to be forced to say goodbye.
Author's Note: Part of my Seasons of Love series. I'm not really a fan of Snow Patrol, but this song was so clear cut Don/Eva that I had to write it. And I kept myself focused by not allowing myself to turn it off until I had finished the fic. Torture makes me work faster.
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters of CSI:NY. They're owned by CBS. However, I do own Eva and all other original characters, so please don't steal them.

Saying Goodbye

blackcatjinx [userpic]

This week's song is up at the blog.
Again, as a reminder, the last one ran late, and this one's early, so you have an extra three days here.
Comments, questions and technical issues? Reply to this thread.

blackcatjinx [userpic]

Hi all. Since Monday was a holiday, I'm going to post the new song on Thursday, running this one and the next 1/2 longer, instead of shorting one. I hope that works.
But if you like, please do post a random song story from YOUR personal playlist - if I like it, I may choose that song in the future!
Oh, and if you have Blogger, feel free to comment on the music there.

(and a note about what I'm listening to - McKennitt's "Lady of Shallott" - it's gorgeous, but I just realized that the parts I like best sound like "Clouds" ::facepalm::)

Current Music: Loreena McKennitt - Lady of Shallott
SBECreative, Inc [userpic]

(Author's Note: While the plot of this fic was inspired by Dido's "Sand in My Shoes" and S4 of NCIS, the characters are all original. OMG!)

It was about to strike midnight on New Year's Eve, and where was I?

In the middle of Orlando International Airport, alone, trying desperately not to cry.

Beautiful disaster...Collapse )

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blackcatjinx [userpic]

This week's song is up at the blog. If you have any questions, can't hear the music, or have suggestions, post here.

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